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  • What is keepsake jewelry?
    We create unique, custom pieces of jewelry using breastmilk, formula, cremation ashes, locks of hair and other organic materials. These pieces are highly sentimental and pay tribute to precious memories.
  • How do I ship my breastmilk or other inclusions?
    Once we receive your order, you can expect an email from us within 24 hours with the shipping instructions and mailing address.
  • Does the milk need to be frozen?
    We are able to use fresh, frozen or 'expired' milk in your keepsake! The milk will not spoil for jewelry purposes in the time that it takes during the shipping.
  • Can I return or cancel my order?
    Due to the personal nature of each keepsake, we are unable to take returns in exchange for a refund or cancel an order once it has been placed. We are able to make changes to customizations if requested in a timely manner by emailing
  • Do you take international orders?
    We do! We are not responsible for any customs fees that may be incurred.
  • What is the turn-around time for orders?
    The turn-around time is approximately 4-6 weeks once the inclusion is received.
  • How do I know you're using my breastmilk or other organic materials?
    It all comes down to trust! All inclusions are labeled from the moment we receive them, through the preservation process and labeled again once preservation is complete (for breastmilk). We know how extremely important and sentimental these keepsakes are so we take strict measures to ensure that all orders and inclusions are triple-checked multiple times until the keepsake is complete and on its way back home to you!
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